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Perfect Christmas gifts for your crafting friends and family!! And for yourself ;)

Great vintage & antique ephemeral paper items for your scrapbooking, altered art, cards, tags, collages, covers, etc...

There are 10 (ten) packages ready to ship. 

>>>>You will receive ONE of these packages!<<<<<<<  

Each is different, but all include the same quantity and originating source. 

No repeats (other than the same book or source). 

PHOTOS OF ITEMS SHOW A SAMPLE (each pkg will vary- no repeats within each package) OF WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE FOR ONE (1) PACKAGE!

Every package contains the following, full uncut sheets:  

- 1920 Dictionary pages- beautiful rich caramel colored pages
- 1950 Encyclopedia pages (some with illustrations)
- 1940's-1950's Broadway & off Broadway programs or Playbill pages, which may have casts lists, play editorials, advertisements, etc
- Advertising pages- these are so much fun to check out! 
- 1920's- 1960's Foreign & USA postage stamps
- 1920's-50's Travel & Rail tickets- Foreign & USA
- Sheet Music from the 1920's-1950's
- Antique or Vintage Sienna photo (original)
- War Bonds, some food related tickets/stamps, some other tickets, etc... 'littles' to tuck around! 
- Italian or French Bridge playing cards- so pretty, from the 50's
- A 1920's cancelled check or a stock certificate or a bank note of some sort...  from the 1920's or 30's 
- A gorgeous wildlife and botanical full page/non creased illustration (a drawing illustration that is super nice)- from 1950. 
- A large cut piece of a giant vintage city wall map
- Atlas and Map pages antique or vintage
- Some other assorted novel, non-fiction text pages that are aged well and look great! 
- Textbook pages with student notes- c.1961
- A letter (partial or whole) from long ago with that great handwriting and some interesting subject matter! 
- A cancelled, hand addressed envelope from the 1920's or 1940's- most have the stamps still adhered to the envelope
- Blank pages, end pages, etc 
- and some other tucks and smalls 


!*!  100++ pieces. !*!

Full size sheets- illustrations, text, verses, literature, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc...  

No partials, No cuts (except that wall map), and No folds.

All of these pages are vintage or antique so you know to expect the discoloring, maybe some crisp edges, stains, etc...  

Every little thing in this package is reusable. Zero waste! 

I will ship the same or the following business day.  

Thanks for looking! 

There is always something 'extra' in my packages for you to discover. :- )

Have a great day,



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