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Price is for one complete set of


SERVO Controlled Model 201 Ribbon Loudspeaker System

16 - 8” inch woofers - servo controlled

2 - 48” Planar ribbon Midranges ( B&G )

30 - 1” EMIT-R planar ribbon tweeters

Genesis Servo Controlled Subwoofer Amplifier

Complete Set of Servo Controlled Speaker Cables with NEUTRIK SPEAKON CONNECTORS.

Genesis Remote Control for servo bass amplifier

Original price: $44,000 +

My price: $17,999.99 less than 1/2 of their original cost

My Price is firm.

These are very rare and anyone out there wanting these already knows that.

Listed as local pick up but for the proper fee these can be shipped.

World wide shipping is available for the right buyer at the right price.

Packing and shipping is not part of the advertised sales price but can be negotiated separately after the sale.

I can ship as cheap as anyone.

These are large and very heavy.

Buyer agrees to pay for crating and the actual shipping cost if needed or the buyer can pick up locally or can arrange pick up and delivery on their own.

I will gladly pack for and ship overseas for the right buyer if the buyer agrees to pay the needed fees.


I have “ tweaked “ each speaker so they now sound absolutely incredible.

No fooling.

I tested both as they originally came to me and after my tweaking them, and they now sound better than new.

I have been working with and servicing Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc. speakers for more than 10 years and I don’t think there is anyone else on this planet that knows more and can do more with these speakers than me.

Please see my other auctions for more superb Genesis Advanced Technology, Inc. Loudspeaker Systems.

I have several currently available on E-bay.

They are all great!

They are all in fabulous working condition.

Most of these speakers have had previous owners before making their way to me.

Minimal life cabinet experiences with very minimal cosmetic damage - all as a result of life encounters during previous moves - is expected.

No major cosmetic damage.

Only minor blemishes.

Hey, stuff happens, especially when moving.

These are super high end and the real thing.

I have been buying and selling these items for 40 + years and these are the first set I have had in all that time.

I myself own a similar set of speakers in the living room of my second home - I have a set of Genesis Model 200’s.

These Model 201’s are an upgraded more recent version of those speakers.

If you need anything else please let me know.

These speakers are working perfectly but are being sold AS IS and there are no returns.

Make sure you want them before buying them.

All sales are final.

I can not risk you buying a good speaker from me and returning a bad one you might already own.

I am just one guy, not a business, and I need to clear out some hobby inventory, it has just accumulated over the years to be too much.

I am not a store, and I have no real method to deal with returns.

Most of my customers know what they want and are smart bidders, and rapidly pay for what they buy.

Please do the same.

I have excellent feedback so please do not spoil it for me.

I am here to HELP YOU not make a buck of of you.

Keep me alive and I can be your stereo equipment resource for life.

Since I service these speakers for people worldwide you can be assured you are buying speakers that work as well as they possibly can.

I have people world wide that have used my services.

Please see my feedback.

I have been building and servicing speakers for more than 55 years and I have an excellent world wide reputation.

So….. you can trust me.

If I left anything out you want to know please ask as I know these spe

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