Main Bearing Set 1955 1956 Chevrolet Chevy 265 V8 size .001



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Main Bearing Set 1955 1956 Chevrolet Chevy 265 V8 size .001 961M, MS203P


great price on these main bearings!

These bearings are from our engine rebuilding shop, which only used quality bearings in each rebuild.

Federal Mogul 961M.001

1955 1956 Chevy 265 Main Bearings Set

1955 1956 Bel Air Main Bearings Set

1955 1956 Corvette Main Bearings Set

Note the size of the bearings, standard (.000) through (.002) is for a factory crankshaft, any oversizes above this size (.010 to .060) is for a crankshaft that has been machined to a different size.


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