RAMBOOS Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves -



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Mission Hills

TIRED OF BURNS on your fingers, hands, wrists and arms from cooking? It happens to us all. Ramboos brings you our extreme heat resistant, waterproof silicone oven gloves. Made with FDA approved, food grade, BPA free silicone with superior cotton lining.

DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOU! The extra length of the cuffs (19.7 inches) protects you entirely from any possible contact with your grill, smoker or oven. Use the special loop to conveniently hang the gloves close to your cooking space.

OVEN MITTS JUST AREN’T ENOUGH. The heat resistant and waterproof silicone outer layer and the heat resistant moisture wicking cotton inner layer ensure that you feel no heat through the gloves and remain comfortable at all times.IMPORTANT: The manufacturer recommends up to 446°F degrees, from our comprehensive examination glove position in most degrees but the recommendation is up to 446°F degrees, NOTE: the package is written 230 degrees And this refers to degrees Celsius (°C).

GREAT GIFT FOR COOKS. Whether in the kitchen, at the grill in the garden or the campfire, any cook will love using these versatile heat resistant gloves. The extra bonus 9” stainless steel and silicone tongs make grabbing burning hot foods from the fire, grill or oil a breeze.

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