Refrigerator Dispenser Assembly Stainless ACQ75432155 EBR600



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Part Information

This dispenser cover assembly is plug and play.

You can pull out your old water/ice dispenser assembly, unplug the cables in the back, plug in this new device and insert unit into place.

No need to trouble shoot the display control or power boards of your current unit. This entire assembly is fully functional.


- Refrigerator Dispenser Cover Assembly (Stainless) ACQ75432155 (MSRP $194)
- Refrigerator Display Control Board EBR65749301(MSRP $120)
- Refrigerator Power Control Board EBR60070707 (MSRP $33)

- PCB Case MBN38026801 (MSRP $10)
- Refrigerator Electronic Control Board Cover MCK38209801 (MSRP $5)

***As seen in my pictures, one of the clips on the bottom snapped off when removing the assembly. This will not affect the functionality or mounting of the part as there are numerous clips on all sides. Also, you can see a foam adhesive strip on the water dispenser paddle. We places this there so people would know where to put their cup for water and to prevent the cup from sliding on the metal. Stupid design by LG.

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