The Slayer's Guide to Dragons (D&D 3.0 d20 2002 Mongoose Pub



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Mongoose Publishing d20 System The Slayer's Guide to Dragons by Gary Gygax What creature has more magnificence, more savage ferocity and more sheer power than the dragon? The great wyrms stand tall as the ultimate challenge an adventurer may face. Rare is the player who does not dream of besting one of these terrible creatures, of plundering its hoard and basking in the glorious reputation enjoyed by a dragon slayer. Whether you are a Game Master seeking to add more depth to the dragons of your campaign or a player hoping to learn the secrets of the dragon slayer we invite you to join us on a journey into the hidden world of the dragon. Along the way we will learn the secrets of these tremendous beasts, their arcane sorceries, their mating habits, methods of warfare and more. Within these pages new types of dragon are revealed for the first time and numerous lairs are described. All this is but a sample of the occult facts we will learn as we dig into this newly discovered trove of dragon lore. Inside You Will Find: Physiology of Dragonkind: Where does the great sorcerous power of dragons come from? How do their breath weapons actually work? Why are they nigh on impregnable to any weapon? Dracos Invictus: The true lords of dragons - discover a whole new age category never before revealed. New Races of Dragons: Track down and slay the Abyssal Serpent, Dragonkin, Hell Worm, Mirth Drake, Rock Dragon, Sea Dragon and Web Dragon. Also revealed for the first time is Baal Shiruat, the Chromatic Prince. Habitat: Wander directly into the lairs of the most powerful dragons yet seen. Dragon Society: Find out how dragons relate to one another, hunt crossbreeds and consider the terrifying implications of the Dragon Moot. Methods of Warfare: The dragons you have faced up to now have been but mere weaklings. Discover how a true dragon fights, along with new feats, magic items and full rules for classed dragons. Roleplaying with Dragons: An encounter with a dragon is a singular moment. Learn how to make sure your players never forget it! Scenario Hooks and Ideas: A dozen adventure ideas just waiting to be used! The Revenge of Ghorkai: A full mini-scenario to pit your players against the most arrogant of wyrms... FOR GAMES MASTERS AND PLAYERS ALIKE Requires the use of the Dungeons and Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast. The Slayer's Guide to Dragons is a 128-page bestiary sourcebook on dragons and how to use them to enhance your Dungeons & Dragons 3.0 fantasy roleplaying game campaigns -- a d20 role playing game system. Published by Mongoose Publishing 2002 Written by Gary Gygax Cover art by Chris Quilliams ISBN: 978-1-903980-27-9 Softcover 128 pages Condition FINE This book was previously owned, but appears to have seen little use and is in fine condition. Cover facings have light wear with light scuffing, scratching, and edge wear. Pages are tight, bright, unmarked, and appear lightly read. Please view actual scans.
The Slayer's Guide to Dragons (D&D 3.0 d20 2002 Mongoose Publishing MGP0009)

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